CASAPOLI is a private non-profit cultural institution. It was founded in 2005 together with a singular building by the sea. “Poli”, in its Greek etymology, doesn’t only refer to the political role of a public work, but also points to an essential category of plurality and multiplicity. This open, diverse and expandable meaning, such as the contemporary city, is one of the principles that guide the varied functions of the house; it is simultaneously a place for retreat and individual introspection in an extreme natural landscape and a place for gatherings, exhibitions and workshops for research and collective production of cultural projects. With a regular Residence program, the institution aims to stimulate the regional visual arts’ experimental production and the exchange of experiences of local artists with the general community as much as the specialized national and international scenes.


The installation transforms the relations between the house’s location and the landscape. Through a mechanism of cutting a piano the architectural object’s hard materiality and the interruption of the continuity of an unoccupied landscape are evoked. The work insists on the affinity between object, use and memory, and their potential meaningful associations.

Nury Gonzalez (1960) is a visual artist; she completed a Bachelor and Master of Arts at Universidad de Chile. She is the Director of Tomas Lago Popular Art Museum (MAPA). She is a Professor at Universidad de Chile and Universidad Tecnologica de Chile. She lives and works in Santiago, Chile.